Samstag, Dezember 02, 2006

Iranian human rights defenders: In the name of Freedom and Peace


European Court of human rights

Amnesty International
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Number: 85-180

By the pressures on prisoners and threats, bad atmosphere situation, beating and foul language in the prisons of Iran, some of political prisoners and human rights defenders prisoners have gone on to hunger strike to protest about their condition.

Last Week prison guards of Gohardasht prison attacked to political prisoners of this prison with beating and foul language threatened them to kill. Because of this the political prisoners have gone on hanger strike since 25-11-2006.

After some hours of begin the hunger strike, Prison guards went into the section of political prisoners and continue to threatening them. They took all medicines away from prisoners and asked them to stop the hunger strike. Yesterday some of person in charge of prison attacked to this section again and threatened one of prisoners named Mr. Hosein Heshmat-Saran to kill.

Mr. Yaser Majidi (who is kept in Birjand prison as banished) and Mr Heidar Noori (who is kept in Semnan prison as banished) are kept between normal criminals and dangerous prisoners because of breaking the rule of keeping separated prisoners by their crimes by judiciary and prison system, They went to hunger strike since 26-11-2006. They have no accesses to the attorney and not allowed to visit family and are threatened to kill every days, they ask transport to Evin prison.

Prisoners of Ardebil prison as solidarity with Gohardasht prisoners and to protest about their situation who kept in, since 8-11-2006 have gone on to hunger strike. It is necessary to notice that prisons of townships are not by international standards and these prisoners are in the bad condition.

Mr. Keivan Raf'ee as human rights activist is kept in solitary confinement in section 209 of Evin Jail more than 160 days. He to protest about his illegal arrest and trial and non humanity situation has gone to on his third hunger strake since 29-11-2006.

Mr. Shir-ko Jahani as human rights activist and journalist in Kurdistan of Iran to protest about his illegal arrest in Mahabad prison since 29-11-2006 has gone on to hunger strike.

It is necessary to notice that Islamic regime of Iran by the new method are persuading prisoners to go on hunger strike and kill them with doubtful way. Mr. Akbar Mohammadi and Mr. Vali-ol-llah Feiz-e-Mahdavi during last months when they was in hunger strike, they killed in same way.

Iranian human rights defenders ask all human rights organization to save these prisoners, send an international team to check Iran prisons situation and persuade Iranian regime to observe the human rights rules.

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