Samstag, Oktober 28, 2006

To: All Human Rights Organizations, Human Rights Activists throughout the World


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Subject: Urgent Action for the Release of Mehdi Sanjari


Mehdi (Kianoosh) Sanjari, 23 years old, is a human rights activist in Iran who has been arrested during disturbances in Tehran. He is one of those activists who spread the news about political prisoners and especially the imprisoned university students through his web-log. On the 7th of this October, when Sanjari went to the place of the disturbance to compile the news on the spot, he was arrested by the security agents and taken to the section 209 of the Evin Prison. He is now kept in an individual cell and no information is available about him. Detention in an individual cell is considered a violation of human rights. Sanjari is one of the activists of the nineties who was expelled from the university for his activities in the political and student organizations. He was a member of an organization named the United Students’ Front, which is known as an active organization in the field of human rights in Iran. We, the Human Rights activists in Iran, are extremely worried about the situation of Mehdi Sanjari and request you, the Human Rights organizations and activists throughout the world, to take urgent action for the release of Sanjari. We emphasize that freedom of conscience and speech is a fundamental human right that the government of Iran has violated. We insist that you, the Human Rights organizations and activists, make contacts with

the Government of Iran and ask them to free Mehdi Sanjari. Sanjari is only one .example of the human rights activists who, as a result of lack of democracy and suppression of free thought in Iran, is facing such problems.


Activists and Students for Human Rights in Iran


The Undersigned

Donnerstag, Oktober 26, 2006

Iranian Revolutionary Socialists' League:

We Object
to the University of St. Andrews
awarding Khatami
an Honorary Degree!

Mohammad Khatami, Iran's 'President' from 1997 to 2005, will be travelling to Britain to receive the Honorary Degree of Doctor of Laws in Scotland and deliver a speech at Chatham House in London. Help us mobilise big protests against his presence in Britain.

Khatami's itinerary

As part of his visit to Britain, Mr Khatami, who is President of the
self-styled International Foundation for Dialogue Among Civilisations,
will visit the University of St Andrews on Tuesday 31 October 2006 where Sir Menzies Campbell will confer the Honorary Degree of Doctor of Laws on him. He will also officially open the Institute for Iranian Studies
in the Faculty of Arts and deliver a lecture.

The next day, on Wednesday 1 November, Mr Khatami will visit Chatham
House in London to deliver a speech and take questions from the

Khatami's message

Khatami began promoting the concept of "Dialogue Among Civilisations"
during his first term as 'President'. The main purpose of this was to
help the Iranian regime break its diplomatic and economic isolation by
establishing relations with many European Union and Arab countries and
to develop closer ties with existing trade partners.
Since he left office in August 2005 Khatami has been speaking on this
and related topics in a number of countries. He recently made a much
publicised lecture tour of the US where he spoke about "Dialogue Among
Civilisations" and similar subjects like "The Ethics of Tolerance in the
Age of Violence" at Harvard and Virginia universities.
While his successor, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, plays up his 'bad Hezbollahi'
act through regular anti-Semitic rants and defiant pledges about
developing nuclear power we see Khatami helping to soften the regime's
image with his 'good mollah' routine. He travels the world as the voice
of the 'reformers' and the 'moderate' wing of a brutal dictatorship
responsible for the deaths of hundreds of thousands of Iranians and

Khatami's real role

Yet despite his reputation as a 'reformer' and a 'moderate' a brief look
at his career and period in office will clarify the true nature of the
man and his crucial role within the regime.
The perception of Khatami in Europe, as a 'reformer' who tried hard to
bring certain freedoms to the Iranian people, is totally false and
without foundation. His numerous propaganda and censorship roles in the
1980s and 1990s, and his co-operation with the 'hardliners' in crushing
the mass movements during his 'presidency' - particularly the students'
protests in July 1999, expose the depth of his hypocrisy when talking
about "dialogue" and "tolerance"!

Khatami's record

Before becoming 'President' Khatami held important propaganda and
censorship roles within the regime. During the Iran-Iraq war (1980-88)
he held various positions, including Deputy and Head of the Joint
Command of the Armed Forces and Chairman of the War Propaganda
Headquarters. At the height of the repression during the war, in
1982-1986, and then again immediately afterwards in the 1989-May 1992,
when tens of thousands of political prisoners were executed, Khatami was
Minister of Culture and Islamic Guidance - i. e., propaganda and
In 1992 Khatami became an Advisor to 'President' Rafsanjani and in 1996
he was appointed to the High Council for Cultural Revolution by
Ayatollah Khameneii. He was elected as the fifth 'President' of the
Islamic Republic on 23 May 1997 elections and re-elected for a second
term on 8 June 2001.

Khatami's record as 'President'

It was during Khatami's first term as 'President' of the Islamic
Republic of Iran that students were gunned down in the streets, thrown
out of second-floor windows and murdered in their dormitories! The whole
world is familiar with the image of Ahmad Batebi, a film studies
student, holding up a bloody T-shirt during a demonstration in July
1999. For that he was sentenced to death!
The students' 'crime' was that of protesting against the closure of
Salam - a 'pro-reform' and pro-Khatami newspaper! Yet Khatami and the
'reformers' approved and co-operated with the Hezbollahi and Basij
(mobilisation) thugs in crushing this movement when it demanded real
freedoms. There was no "dialogue" between students and the government;
no "dialogue" between the 'President' and the youth supporting him on
the street. The "dialogue" was in the emergency meetings of the regime's
various factions aimed at devising a plan for swiftly and brutally
crushing all protests that were not government-controlled.
Even after the parliamentary elections of February 2000, when the
'reformers' became a majority in the Majles (parliament), there was no
significant move to improve any rights for w orkers, youth, women and
national minorities in Iran. Khatami's loyalty to the Leader (first
Khomeini and then Khameneii) and the Islamic regime has meant that
despite the rhetoric of his platform during election campaigns and
lectures, he served to prolong the bloody reign of this corrupt and
bankrupt system.
Here we provide a short selection of the ways he conspired against the
masses or simply looked the other way.

• Workers

Throughout the eight years of Khatami's 'presidency' there were many
workers struggles which were suppressed and many issues that were not
resolved. The continuing privatisation programme continued, left many
workers out of work, including tens of thousands in the textile industry
- 4 March 2001: 500 workers from the Simin textile factory in Esfahan
gathered outside the factory to protest against unpaid wages. At least
25 workers were arrested.
- 6 May 2001: security forces and riot police attacked a peaceful
demonstration by textile workers from the Baresh factory in Esfahan with
tear gas, injuring 50 workers.
- 15 July 2001: workers from the Jamco clothing and Shadanpoor shoe
factories organised a joint demonstration outside the Majles
(parliament) to demand their unpaid wages . A number of workers were
shot dead by the security forces.
- 17 January 2004: following a protest by laid off contract workers at
the Khatoonabad copper smelting plant four workers were shot dead and
dozens were injured by the riot police.
- 1 May 2004: seven labour activists trying to organise a May Day
demonstration in Saghez are arrested. Their trials are still continuing.
- 9 May 2005: around 300 agents of the Labour House and the Islamic
Labour Councils, together with the security forces, broke the door of
the Sherkat-e Vahed Union and broke windows, tore up documents and
books, and beat up around ten members of the Founding Committee of the
The various Labour Code amendments during this time did nothing to
legalise trade unions, the right to strike, the right to elect genuine
workers' representatives, to have bosses pay wages on time and so on.
All that happened was many workers in small workshops, many of whom are
women, lost even more of their limited rights and safeguards!
• Students and youth
- July 1999: at least four students are killed when Hezbollahis attack
Tehran University dormitories.
- Ahmad Batebi was condemned to death (later reduced to 13 years in
- At least three more students detained in 1999, Mehrdad Lohrassbi,
Akbar Mohammadi and Manouchehr Mohammadi, remain in prison serving long
- Student activists continue to be arrested, tortured and die in prison.
• Women
- At least 18 women were stoned to death under Khatami.
- Two 'reformist' women's rights activists received four-year prison
- New laws were passed discriminating against women and aimed at
restricting debate about their rights.

• Political dissidents

- The serial murders of political dissidents by what were claimed to be
"rogue elements" in the Intelligence Ministry took place. To date there
have been no satisfactory prosecutions.
- Imprisonment (or house arrest) of a whole range of the regime's own
supporters who have voiced some criticisms, including Ayatollah
Hossein-Ali Montazeri and Akbar Ganji, took place.
- The trial and death sentence (later reduced to a prison term) on
Hashem Aghajari, a university professor.
• Journalists and the press
- The closure of over 20 'reformist' newspapers by the judiciary.
- The attempted assassination of Saeed Hajjarian, the editor of Sobh-e
Emrooz, and considered by many as the main strategist of the 'reform'
- Jailing of many 'reformist' journalists including Emadeddin Baghi,
Akbar Ganji and Mashallah Shamsolvaezin.
• National and religious minorities
- Eleven Jewish men from Shiraz were tried and sentenced as spies for
allegedly maintaining contacts with Israel.
- Many Bahais were persecuted because of their religion, including the
death penalty for three men in 2000.
- Shwaneh Ghaderi, a Kurdish political activist, is shot dead by the
security forces.
All national and religious minorities suffer from prejudice and
discrimination. The Kurds and Baluchis, since they are Sunni rather than
Shia, experience religious harassment in additional to ethnic bias.
• Death penalty
- During the last seven months of Khatami's 'presidency' at least four
people who had committed crimes while children were executed.
- Each year between August 1997 and August 2005 dozens of people were

The level of repression in Iran affects nearly all sections of the
population: it is based on class, race, sex, conscience and so on. Help
us expose the sham 'reformist' and 'moderate' rhetoric of Khatami and
the system where a group of mollahs decide how people should live and

How you can help
We know about two events that Khatami will be attending:
St Andrews University, St Andrews, Scotland - 31 October:
- A number of left-wing Iranian activists will be picketing the
university. Encourage your comrades in Scotland to join them.
- Encourage your contact in the National Union of Students in Scotland
to protest against Khatami's presence on the campus.
- Sir Menzies Campbell, the leader of the Liberal Democrats, is
Chancellor of St Andrews University. Encourage a left-wing Labour MP to
ask Campbell how he can give this honour to this man, considering his
big role in the repression in Iran? Ask Margaret Beckett about why she
approved a visa for this man.
Chatham House, London - 1 November:
- Encourage your NUJ comrades or contacts in the meeting to ask Khatami
about the repression in Iran.
- Join the Chatham House picket which starts at about 4pm. Encourage you
comrades and contacts in London to come along with their trade union and
other banners.

We hope you can join in with these activities and expose the true nature
of Khatami and the regime he serves and thus help to boost the struggles
of workers, youth, women and national minorities in Iran. For further
information contact

Iranian Revolutionary Socialists' League
25 October 2006

Mittwoch, Oktober 25, 2006

Sonntag, Oktober 22, 2006

PETITION: An appeal to all Human Right Organizations of the World

Freedom for Kianoush Sanajri

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The Secretary General of the United Nations

The UN Human Rights Council

Amnesty International

Human Rights watch

Section 209 of Evin Prison in Iran is run by the Ministry of Intelligence of the Islamic Republic and except for the ministry agents no other government bodies have any control over the prison affairs.

During the last years many of Iran political prisoners have died in this Section under torture and many others kept in it have ended up being executed by firing squads or hanged. At this moment of time hundreds of similar prisoners are kept in this Section and the Ministry of Intelligence would not allow their names to be added to the long list of Iran political prisoners.

Most of these prisoners are held in solitary confinement and are constantly interrogated while under physical and psychological torture. The families of these prisoners very rarely have any information about the health or conditions of their loved ones, who are most of the time handcuffed and blindfolded, are denied of medical care and legal representation and do not even know on what charges they have been arrested. In Section 209 of Evin Prison even the very own repressive rules of the regime are not followed.

Those currently held at the Section include political dissidents, human rights activists, students, trade union officials and workers, as well as many other Iranians from all walks of life.

The following people are among the prisoners at Section 209:

Ali Akbar Mussavi Khoini, Dr. Saeed Masoori, Ahmad Batebi, Kayvan Rafii, Kianoosh Sanjari, Dr. Kayvan Ansari, Abulfazl Jahandar, Kheirullah Derakhshandi, Abdullah Al Mansouri, Ayatollah Kazemi Boroujerdi and many of his followers, as well as many prisoners from other provinces of Iran who have been transferred to Evin from their local prisons.

We, the undersigned, would therefore urge the Secretary General of the United Nations, the UN Human Rights Council, Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch to assign a special investigating committee to visit Section 209 of Evin Prison in Iran and publish a report on their findings.

1- Human Rights Activists in Iran (H.R.A.I)

2- committee defence for Human Rights in north-west of Iran (H.RN.W.I)

3- Kurdish Human Rights defence organization (R.M.M.K)

4- Ahwazi Human Rights organization (A.H.R.O)


Freitag, Oktober 20, 2006

Kundgebung gegen Al Quds Tag am Samstag, 21.10.2006

Achtung: wir treffen uns um 11 Uhr

auf dem Breitscheidplatz (Nähe des Wasserklotzes)

Achtung!!! - Kundgebung auf dem Breitscheidplatz!!!


Breitscheidplatz! (am Wasserklotz) 11-13 Uhr

Bitte leiten Sie diese Information weiter.


Achtung: neue Zeit! - 11-13 Uhr
Das Berliner Bündnises
gegen den internationalen Al Quds Tag lädt ein:
Zur Protestkundgebung gegen den Al Quds Tag am Sa. 21. Oktober 2006
um 11-13 Uhr

ACHTUNG: es kann zu Veränderungen des Orts kommen,
wenn dann: Breitscheidplatz (Gedächtniskirche)
Aktuelle Informationen auf:

Unter dem Motto

„Gemeinsam gegen den internationalen Al Quds-Tag! Gegen Islamismus, Judenhass und Vernichtungsdrohungen gegen Israel - Für Demokratie und Menschenrechte im Iran!“

Folgende Redner werden auf der Gegenkundgebung sprechen:

Hakan Taş, Journalist

Cem Özdemir (MdeP Bündnis 90/Die Grünen)

Evrim Baba (MdA Linkspartei.PDS)

Markus Löning (MdB FDP)

Ahmet Iyidirli (SPD) (voraussichtlich)

Kenan Kolat, Bundesvorsitzender der Türkischen Gemeinde Deutschland

Mehran Barati, iranischer Oppositioneller

Komitee zur Unterstützung der politischen Gefangenen im Iran-Berlin e.V. (voraussichtlich)

Bündnis gegen Antisemitismus Berlin

Moderation: Anetta Kahane (Amadeu Antonio Stiftung) und Nasrin Bassiri (Radio Multikulti)

weiterhin wird es ein kulturelles Rahmenprogramm mit Life-Bands geben.

Mittwoch, Oktober 18, 2006

Let's celebrate Cyrus the Great Day

And save the town, home and mausoleum of this

father of Human Rights

Once again, the International Committee to Save Pasargad celebrates October 29th as the Day of Cyrus the Great, the father of Human Rights. This day is one of the days narrated by historians as the day Cyrus entered the Babylon capital and issued his Human Rights charter. This document entails issues such as abolition of slavery and national or racial discriminations, freedom to choose one's place of residence, freedom of religious beliefs, and establishing peace amongst nations. Such ideas are still alive and clearly esteemed by all those who believe in human dignity and his rights.

This charter that actually was bestowed to the world by the ancient Iranians nation through its leader, Cyrus, was recognized as the first charter of Human Rights in 1971 by the United Nations and, thus, our country's name was hailed as the first place in history where human rights were recognized and observed in ancient antiquity.

And once again, the International Committee to Save Pasargad seeks the help of all people of the world in its struggle to preserve the home, capital and mausoleum of Cyrus the Great that are scattered all over the Pasargad Plains and Bolaghi Gorge, all threatened by the flooding of the Sivan dam.

We invite all members of the Committee, together with all our compatriots and all lovers of human historical treasures to bring together their capabilities during the week of October 22 to 29 and endeavor to inform others about this danger and, at the same time, gather even more signatures under the petition of this Committee for saving Pasargad.

With sincere love and regards

The International Committee to Save Pasargad

Mittwoch, Oktober 11, 2006

Sofortige Stellungnahme erbeten!

Verdi Rechtabteilung

Fax: 030 / 8866-5952

Herrn RA …

Abschrift bitte umgehend

Herrn Hartmut Friedrich

Stellvertretender Landesbezirksleiter

Verdi Berlin-Brandenburg



…Molai ./. Fa. Manfred Durniok Produktion für Film und Fernsehen

…Molai ./. Land Berlin

Ihr Zeichen: 1385heio3 Ko und 331/03 ko

Sehr geehrter Herr Rechtsanwalt …

obwohl wir miteinander kein Wort gesprochen hatten, haben Sie sich in meinem Namen und mit Ihren zwei Schriftsätzen vom 06.04.2006 und 25.09.2006 an das Arbeitsgericht und an das Verwaltungsgerich gewandt, weil ich - unstrittig - keinen bestimmten Anwalt, sondern die Rechtsabteilung von Verdi beauftragt habe, mir (in meinem Arbeitsrechtsstreit und in meinem Rechtsstreit in Bezug auf Entscheidungen des Integrationsamtes) Rechtsbeistand zu leisten.

Deshalb bitte ich Sie um Ihre juristische Stellungnahme zu den hier unten ausgeführten Punkten:

1) Es ist mir nach wie vor ungeklärt geblieben, aufgrund welcher Veranlassung Sie sich mit Ihrem Schriftsatz vom 08.04.2006 an das Arbeitsgericht gewandt und dadurch „ein ruhendes Verfahren wieder in Gang gesetzt“ haben. Denn ich habe der Rechtsabteilung von Verdi keinen Auftrag erteilt, das stillgelegte Verfahren wieder aufzunehmen.

2) Den Inhalt des an Verdi gerichteten Fax der gegnerischen Partei vom 27.06.2003 konnte ich erstmalig als Anlage der Kopie Ihres Schriftsatzes vom 06.04.2006 (Arbeitsgericht) zur Kenntnis nehmen. Es ist mir unbegreiflich, dass man einerseits einem Arbeitnehmer gegenüber lediglich durch Faxübersendung eine Kündigung wirksam aussprechen kann, andererseits ein Vertragsabschluß per Fax in der Regel keine Gültigkeit hat.

2a) Mir ist die gegnerische Partei Gehälter (Brutto 5 x ,,,, € für die Zeitspanne 01.07.2003 bis 31.11.2003) schuldig geblieben und hat die hierfür gesetzlich bestimmten Steuern und Sozialabgaben selbst zu berechnen und an die zuständigen Stellen zu überweisen. Diese Angelegenheit kann m. E. dem Gericht nicht verschwiegen bleiben und müsste dem Gericht schriftlich vorgetragen werden.

(Ich betone, dass ich Arbeitslosengeld in den genannten fünf Monaten erhalten habe, das mir unter den gegebenen Umständen nicht zustand.)

3) Mit Bezug auf Ihren Schriftsatz vom 25.09.2006 (Verwaltungsgericht) bitte ich Sie um umgehende Nachholung des immer noch nicht gestellten Antrages auf Einsichtnahme der mich betreffenden Akte des Rehabilitationsamtes.

3a) Vorsorglich bitte ich Sie mir mitzuteilen, wann und wo ich die mich betreffende Akte des Rehabilitationsamtes in Augenschein nehmen darf um dabei von dem mich betreffenden Protokoll (denn es gab zwei Sitzungen und sämtliche mir gestellten Fragen und meine Antworten wurden auf der Stelle getippt und per Computer gespeichert) Fotokopien zu machen.


Da Herr Friedrich verreist ist und ich keine kompetente Person in der Führungsetage telefonisch erreichen kann, bitte ich die Führungsetage von Verdi auch auf diesem Wege um einen umgehenden Termin. Zugleich gebe ich noch einmal bekannt:

  • Mit Verweis auf die hier als Beispiel vorgetragenen sachdienlichen Punkte bestehe ich (nach wie vor) darauf, dass Verdi sich umgehend um einen 3 - 4monatigen Aufschub des vor der Tür stehenden Gerichtstermins (24.10.2006) kümmert.

  • Darüber hinaus wird Verdi noch einmal gebeten, die drei Jahr lange Verschleppung der Entscheidung Ihrer Rechtsabteilung sachlich zu beenden und mir anstelle Herrn .... einen anderen Anwalt zu benennen. Denn ich kann mich nicht an meinen Rechtsschutz bei der Allianz wenden, weil Verdi damit begonnen hatte, in meinem Namen meine Angelegenheiten gerichtlich anzufechten.

Mit freundlichen Grüßen


Dienstag, Oktober 10, 2006

Sheema Kalbasi

I Object
to the University of St. Andrews
awarding Mr. Khatami
an Honorary Degree!

During Mr. Khatami's presidency (Voted in by millions of Iranians whose aspirations were to see an improvement in the social, political and economic conditions in Iran), the people of Iran continued to suffer from the Islamic Republic's theocratic and oppressive policies!

Please sign the petition.

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8 march in Tehran 2006

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Police Attack 2006

wemen long Marsch from Germany to Den Haag 2006 *film

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