Mittwoch, Oktober 18, 2006

Let's celebrate Cyrus the Great Day

And save the town, home and mausoleum of this

father of Human Rights

Once again, the International Committee to Save Pasargad celebrates October 29th as the Day of Cyrus the Great, the father of Human Rights. This day is one of the days narrated by historians as the day Cyrus entered the Babylon capital and issued his Human Rights charter. This document entails issues such as abolition of slavery and national or racial discriminations, freedom to choose one's place of residence, freedom of religious beliefs, and establishing peace amongst nations. Such ideas are still alive and clearly esteemed by all those who believe in human dignity and his rights.

This charter that actually was bestowed to the world by the ancient Iranians nation through its leader, Cyrus, was recognized as the first charter of Human Rights in 1971 by the United Nations and, thus, our country's name was hailed as the first place in history where human rights were recognized and observed in ancient antiquity.

And once again, the International Committee to Save Pasargad seeks the help of all people of the world in its struggle to preserve the home, capital and mausoleum of Cyrus the Great that are scattered all over the Pasargad Plains and Bolaghi Gorge, all threatened by the flooding of the Sivan dam.

We invite all members of the Committee, together with all our compatriots and all lovers of human historical treasures to bring together their capabilities during the week of October 22 to 29 and endeavor to inform others about this danger and, at the same time, gather even more signatures under the petition of this Committee for saving Pasargad.

With sincere love and regards

The International Committee to Save Pasargad