Samstag, Oktober 28, 2006

To: All Human Rights Organizations, Human Rights Activists throughout the World


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Subject: Urgent Action for the Release of Mehdi Sanjari


Mehdi (Kianoosh) Sanjari, 23 years old, is a human rights activist in Iran who has been arrested during disturbances in Tehran. He is one of those activists who spread the news about political prisoners and especially the imprisoned university students through his web-log. On the 7th of this October, when Sanjari went to the place of the disturbance to compile the news on the spot, he was arrested by the security agents and taken to the section 209 of the Evin Prison. He is now kept in an individual cell and no information is available about him. Detention in an individual cell is considered a violation of human rights. Sanjari is one of the activists of the nineties who was expelled from the university for his activities in the political and student organizations. He was a member of an organization named the United Students’ Front, which is known as an active organization in the field of human rights in Iran. We, the Human Rights activists in Iran, are extremely worried about the situation of Mehdi Sanjari and request you, the Human Rights organizations and activists throughout the world, to take urgent action for the release of Sanjari. We emphasize that freedom of conscience and speech is a fundamental human right that the government of Iran has violated. We insist that you, the Human Rights organizations and activists, make contacts with

the Government of Iran and ask them to free Mehdi Sanjari. Sanjari is only one .example of the human rights activists who, as a result of lack of democracy and suppression of free thought in Iran, is facing such problems.


Activists and Students for Human Rights in Iran


The Undersigned