Montag, Februar 19, 2007

پن‌لاگThe Association of Iranian Blog-writers (Penlog) condemns the arrest of Ahmad Batebi and demands his immediate release from the care of the prison's authorities to receive immediate and adequate medical treatment.

According to the latest reports, Ahmad Batebi's condition has drastically deteriorated because of the torture and mistreatment he has received, whilst in prison, and since his arrest several months ago. He is reported to have suffered a stroke and been in a coma for several hours. According to reports, he is presently at the inadequate
and ill-equipped Shohada hospital in North of Tehran. The authorities have so far refused to transfer him to a better hospital for proper and adequate treatment.

Last year two Iranian prisoners of conscience, Akbar Mohamadi and Valiullah Feiz-Mahdavi died as the result of the tortures and mistreatments they received whilst in the care of the Islamic Republic's prison authorities.

We appeal to the international community, all the human rights organisations and activists to take notice of the plight of the Iranian prisoners of conscience and to take action for the release of Ahmad Batebi.

We appeal to the human rights organisations of the United Nations and the European Union to take further notice of the systematic violation of human rights in Iran. We demand that the continuation of the Islamic Republic's membership of the United Nation must be on the condition that the Islamic Republic respects all the human rights of the Iranian people according to the United Nation's Convention on Human Rights.

The Association of Iranian Blog-writers