Freitag, März 30, 2007

Sheema कल्बसी: Kodak ready

It is incredibly interesting how the Iranian regime bullies the world and everything and everyone is taken hostage because of this or such regimes and it is considered as a cultural difference! I don’t know to laugh or cry when hearing or reading these stuff. Now on a totally different matter I recently found this article on There is this so called feminist whom I guess is either a Mullah Baaji (female mullah!) or has been given a sound chance to leave her Qajar grave and has written a funny letter to Farah Diba। I don’t really care for the previous regime and its king and queens and their line of god knows what blood but why shouldn’t Ms. Diba speak to Iranians? Who says her voice should go mute because this one in her playboy magazine cover wants to grant us her own! Colored plastic has made Azadeh Forghani feel Kodak ready. I guess in her there is a little dictator deciding who can and can’t talk! eh.