Montag, Mai 22, 2006

In response to Niki Akhavan's comments regarding my recent post "One Iranian at a Time? " I say:

Laughable is the assertion that attending a meeting in the US congress is equivalent to promoting war against Iran.

As for answering your questions...

Here is what I would like to work on.

(1) Understand US visa and immigration policies toward Iranian citizens.

(2) Identify whether the aforementioned individuals have taken advantage of a loophole or special treatment.

(3) Bring it to the attention of ordinary citizens and politicians how someone like Nahavandian, who could indeed have a mission to coordinate terrorist acts on the US soil among others, can enter this country without much problem or scrutiny.

(4) Leverage this awareness to help close down the loopholes or end "special treatments."

In the end, I don't know how long Ms. Niki Akhavan has lived in the US but she apparently doesn't have a clue about the way this system works. Citizens' actions, particularly if directed through proper lobbying channels, could wield enormous power in this country. It is a shame that the wealthy, and therefore potentially powerful, Iranian community should allow itself to be subjected to such cynical views.