Mittwoch, Mai 17, 2006

one Iranian at a time?

I am thinking about taking legal action against any U.S. office that is responsible for granting visa to the supporters of the Iranian regime.

I don't see why Mohsen Sazegara, Fatemeh Haghighatjoo, Atri, etc. have been permitted to study, do research and work in the United States when regular Iranian citizens are denied to get student or tourist visa!
If no one else cares enough to do it I am going to try it!
Why my mother, a resident of Denmark but an Iranian passport holder -at the time- was denied visa to visit her pregnant daughter (myself) in the United States along with my father?
Why did the American embassy in Copenhagen tell her only one Iranian at a time!
From what I see all the ripe fruits and regime supporters are here in the U.S..
Where is the rotten hole that can't be cemented and put a stop to it?

I can't stand this double standard!

Sheema Kalbasi