Sonntag, August 06, 2006

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The security and intelligence forces of the tyrannical and despotic government of the Islamic Republic placed the naked body of my son in a estate car in a very inappropriate conditions and threatened us that they would return Akbar’s body to Tehran, would bury him secretly and would not inform us of his burial location, if we were to hold a funeral procession or to cause any disturbance. They also threatened us that they would not give leave of absence to Manouchehr if we did not agree to their conditions. Mr. Saeed Ahrafpour, Akbar’s uncle, who was present when Akbar was receiving ablution and being shrouded for burial, has stated the following:

His eyes and mouth were open. His forehead had swollen and his teeth were projecting out of his mouth. His skull was broken. They had cut up from below his throat down to his stomach and then sewed it up. The same had been done to Akbar’s back. His shoulder blade, arm, back, shoulder and soles were blue, his stomach had drawn in and his ribs projected outwards. When he was being washed, blood spurted from the back of his head and inside his ear and we had to use cotton wool. His fingers had contracted inwards. There were bruises around his wrists and his ankles and there was a blue circle around his eyes.

Akbar weighed 95 kilos before his hunger strike, but his weight had fallen to about 45 kilos afterwards. I, my wife and our other relatives and associates saw Akbar’s body in the above-described state at the time of burial. The body did not resemble Akbar, as though they had used heavy makeup before transferring him to Amol (to reduce the signs of torture). Akbar’s body was in such an inappropriate conditions that when his other uncle, Alireza Ashrafpour, went in to see him, the forensic doctor sent out the intelligence agents and told him: you can file complaints without any worries and fear.

In conclusion we ask all the human rights organisations and institutions [to help with?] the disinterment of Akbar’s body and the conducting of an autopsy on him to determine the cause of his death.

The relatives and associates who have seen the body endorse the above statements hereunder.


1. United Nations Office

2. Human Rights Organisation

3. Amnesty International

4. Human Rights Watch

5. Medicine without Borders

6. Offices of news agencies and press at home and abroad.

Signed: Mohammad Mohammadi, father of Akbar Mohammadi

Signed: Goljahan Ashrafpour, mother of Akbar Mohammadi

Relatives and individuals who saw the body:

Signed: Saeed Ashrafpour, uncle

Signed: Alireza Ashrafpour, uncle

Signed: Abdolreza Ahsrafpour, uncle

Signed: Hamid[?] Ashrafpour, uncle

Signed: Ahmadreza[?] Ashrafpour, uncle

Signed: Mohammadreza Ashrafpour, uncle

Signed: Behrooz Ashrafpour, cousin

Signed: Abbas Amiri

Signed: Abdollah Amini

Signed: Iman Rezaei, cousin

Signed: Ali Esmaili, Akbar’s friend

Signed: Seyed Fazlollah Mir-Esmaili, relative

And two other illegible signatures.


Bar Association

No. 029955 Series y

NAME AND DOMICILE OF CLIENT: 1. Mr. Mohammad Mohammadi, son of Gat Agha, holder of Birth Certificate No. 6, issued in Amol; 2. Goljahan Ashrafpour, daughter of Geda Ali, holder of Birth Certificate No. 282, issued in Amol; residents of private residence at 37B, Golestan 39, Shahrak Morvarid, Emam Reza Ave., Amol.

ATTORNEY: Mr. Khalil Bahramian, first class Lawyer, of 78 Malayeripour St., Mofatteh Shomali Ave., Tehran; Telephone 88314697.

NAME & DOMICILE OF OTHER PARTY: Any natural person and legal entity.

SUBJECT OF POWER: Filing legal and penal claims against other parties in relation to the death of Akbar Mohammadi and any other subject that the Attorney deems advisable to pursue legally against any authority and official.

SCOPE OF POWER OF ATTORNEY: Representation in the first instance, appeal and cassation appeal stages and in respect of retrial, claiming forgery, refuting or doubting the authenticity of the other party’s document and withdrawing documents; determining the forger and appointing certifier; in regard to expert opinion and in claiming damages and withdrawing claims, subpoenaing third parties and defending claims against third parties, bringing in third parties and defending them; making counterclaims and defending them; applying for writ of execution and pursuing the related actions.

Fingerprints and signatures of the clients.