Mittwoch, September 06, 2006

Press Conference on Iran;

Torture victims of the Islamic Regime,

Former political prisoners and

Opposition figures to the Islamic regime

Press briefing on:

Visit of former President Khatami

UN Security Council crisis

National Press Club

529 14th St. NW, 13th Floor

Washington, DC 20045

Thursday September 7th, 2006

9:00 AM


The unprecedented US tour of the former president of the Islamic republic brings with it an opportunity to evaluate the past, present and the future prospects of a regime that is at odds with its own citizenry of 70 million, and is today at the center of an international conflict—stemming from its long record of human rights violations, regional militancy, deceit and pursuit of weapons of mass destruction.

A group of recently escaped Iranian torture victims, former political prisoners and opposition personalities, representing varied political orientations will discuss their individual and collective view points and stories.

For further information and arrangement of interviews;

contact: + 1.202.498.4375