Sonntag, September 17, 2006

Salman Rushdi is Out! Pope is In!


Sheema Kalbasi:

In a world where taboos have run out of their juicy sausages and children grow out of their rattles everyday ... we have to fear what we (as a Muslim or a non Muslim) say about Islam or Muslims. Ok! Pope is the Pope and one expects much more from a religious figure than his racist mindset has disclosed to us publicly (what was that about Christianity blossoming in Europe and not in the Middle East because of social and cultural... something... something... and problems of multicultural coexistence? -- he is German, right?!) but he has the right to say what he wants... and there is some truth... to his remarks on Islam too... but it needs to come from the Muslims. I hope he will outlive David Irving's prison sentence and the Mujahideen Army's suicide attacks. Jesus Chris! What's up with us, the Muslims! We can't take one remark by the Pope... and as I blog... the ones suffering from the mad cow disease a.k.a. Jihadists are mapping Pope's and their's blowup plans!... just look at the latest news on Pope.