Donnerstag, Juni 14, 2007


His Honor Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg

P.O.BOX 8001
Dep. N – 0030 OSLO
E-mail: postmottak@smk.dep. no

Copy to:
His Excellency Ban Ki Moon the, Secretary General of The United Nations.
International Criminal Court Re: OTP – CR- 118/04
European Court of Human Rights Re: 24855/03
Secretary General of the European Council
Amnesty International
Human Rights Watch
Local and International Medias

Your Honor:
More than a month is gone and yet I received no reply to my letter of April 30, 2007.
I am not sure about your decision concerning I want my life back that is taken away from me because: I refused to betray my country and my compatriots and for I refused to violate laws and become a cause of bloodshed. And also damages of Europars A/S must be compensated because, for the same reasons, I was not allowed to run the company neither in Norway nor abroad. Worst than that threaten was made, early in this year, by “register of Business Enterprises” that it will close the company!
Subsequent to failure of the exertion all kind of systematic pressure for compelling me “comply with” the above orders, it looks like the state of Norway has finally put me, practically, in the starvation condition out to death. Or else, “If someone is so capable that can in less than 14 minutes read the matter of 30 pages, makes “fair”! decision, and answers, why anyone in this country within the length of 16 years “cannot answer” to an easy question as “Do I have right to live or do not I?”’ I wrote in the subject letter.
And now after more than a month I received no answer to my question, “Please let me know what you want to do with me? Return it [my personal life and the Europars damages] back to me, or starve me out to death?”
A young pretty girl was found dead in her room right next to my sell, when the addicts where keeping in this location. I did not even know that she was living here until her death. I also saw two other gung person (a man and a woman) were fall on the street in distance of about 400 miter apart from each other were breathing their last. The man was only fifty meters away from where I am kept, but what could I do?
I embarrassed mentioning of that I used to feed another young man who was living up over my sell. But that is truth. And the truth is that now I, myself, am put in grave danger of starvation.
Based on the experiences of these realities and more similar facts, which I have seen with my own eyes, Should I, as a human right activist, declare that subsequent to failure of compelling me “comply with the conditions” the state of Norway has not only closed the doors of any activities on me, but it has seriously put me in the danger of starvation condition out to death?
I am kept deprived of life under severe pressures for past sixteen and a half year because of the aforementioned reasons but nothing could change me and nothing can, because I do not want it. I believe that so much pressure on me have root to the hatred towards the peace and freedom loving of Iranian’s attitude. Otherwise I have not done any wrongdoing. But I am only one person out of seventy million of Iranian people who is very proud of being one and elimination of me, I promise, would absolutely change nothing regarding my country. There are millions of us who believe in same thing and act the same.
Therefore I would like to take this opportunity and request the United Nations’ Security Council for please terminate insertion of pressure on Iran and the Iranian people. There exist no such thing as “intelligent sanction” whatsoever, at least respect to Iran. Nor anyone can decide for we the nation of Iran how to die! Nor the officials, at the present situations, in Iran are allowed to comply with the unlawful and illegitimate demands. In case, they must resign first or they know better than anyone else that they would go immediately.
Now back to you, Mr. Prime minister, please let me know what you want to do with me? I, however, could as difficult as possible, keep myself alive for the past month, but I cannot let myself continue it that way any more without: food, medicine, medical care, and other living necessities in the most expensive city in the world without money at all.
Would you please return my life back to me and compensate the damages of the Europars Company, or murder me by starvation? What you want to proof in the latter case? How about that, it surely is I who decide how to die if I have to? Please settle with me as quickly as possible.
Looking forward for prompt action

Truly yours

Jahanguir Nadimi

P. O. Box 349
1471 LØRE
nskog, Norway