Sonntag, Dezember 11, 2005

Human Rights Organizations
and Activists of the World

On the occasion of
54th anniversary of International Day of Human Rights,
for your information, we would like to draw a picture of human rights violations in Iran.

This report merely covers the seven month period since March 2005, when the UN Human Rights Commission failed to place Islamic Republic of Iran on the agenda of it’s latest meeting in Geneva.

The following statistics were collected from domestic news services and publications in Iran. One should bear in mind that due to media censorship, lack of freedom of unofficial news agencies, as well as limitations imposed on the activities of human rights organizations in Iran, true figures of these violations tend to be much larger that the ones reported below.

Reported Human Rights Violations from April through October 2005

1- Student activists summoned and interogated 254 cases
2- Trial and conviction of students by “Discilipnary
Committees” and judiciary 66 “
3- Detention of students 8 “
4- Banned student publications 6 “
5- Forced interogatin of journalists and blogers 46 “
6- Detention of journalists 10 “
7- Trial and conviction of journalists and blogers 21 “
8- Banned publications and internet news sites 12 “
9- Expulsion of journalists 54 “
10-Public and official banning of books 20 “
11- Summoning and interogation of political, cultural,
and social activists 72 “
12- Arrest and detention of political, cultural, and
social activists 141 “
13- Trial and conviction of political, cultural, and
social activists 157 “
14- Imposing bail on political prisoners 31 “
15- Hunger strike by political prisoners 40 “
16- Political prisoners in danger of execution 9 “
17- Executed political prisoners 2 “
18- People shot and killed by police and security forces 14 “
19- People condemend to execution 101 “
20- People hanged 43 “
21- Stoning sentences for women 2 “
22- Sentence of eye gouging 2 “
23- Sentence of dismebering right arm and left foot 2 “
24- Mass arrest of public for political reasons 1609 “
25- Mass arrest of public for social reasons 18195 “
26- Disqualification of presidential and parliamentary elections 1158 “

As demonstrated by these statistics, it is obvious that, contarary to claims by the government, they are not merely isolated acts of a few overzealous agents. They rather clearly show that the government of Isalmic Republic of Iran employes all resources available towards the continuious, systematic, and widespread violations of the human rights of Iranaian people.

Therfore, based on these facts, as well as the fact that Islamic Republic of Iran repeatedly reneged on it’s commitments to international human rights organizations, we urge you to do your utmost to acheive the condemnation of government of Islamic Republic of Iran in the General Assembly and Human Rights Commission of the United Nations.

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