Donnerstag, Juni 22, 2006


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Arrest Saeed Mortazavi
the Prime suspect in
Zahra Kazemi's Murder

Created by homa alizadeh on June 21st, 2006 at 1:41 am AST

Arrest Saeed Mortazavi, the prime suspect in Zahra Kazemi’s MurderThe Islamic Republic of Iran has a long history of violation of human rights. The world community has been aware of public executions of the decedents , elimination of all the political prisoners in the summer of 1988, stoning to death of women and men, mutilation and public flagging of the men and women, targeting and murdering of the writers, political and human rights activists committed by the intelligent ministry officers, arresting , torturing and imprisoning the journalists, attacking peaceful demonstrations , arresting , torturing and killing the student demonstrators, arresting and torturing of the workers, execution of children under the age of 18, raping women prisoners,… are just a few examples of human rights violation in Islamic Republic of Iran.Saeed Mortazavi, the public prosecutor of Islamic Republic of Iran, whose responsibility in arrest, torture and murder of Zahra(Ziba) Kazemi ( the Canadian Iranian Journalist) has been clearly established, and is the prime suspect in that case, is attending the Human Rights Council meeting in Geneva. There are reports that he will deliver a speech on June 22.His presence in the Human Rights Council meeting is a slap to the face of all the surviving political prisoners who have been witness to the crimes committed by Saeed Mortazavi, and all the defenders of human rights, and the world community who is concerned about the violation of human rights in Iran.His presence sends a message to the world community that the murderers are welcomed in international gathering which attempt to ensure the protection of human rights.His presence in the Human Rights Council meeting in Geneva is a step back in protecting people against governments with clear history of violation of human rights.Saeed Mortazavi must be arrested and prosecuted for the crimes against humanity. We strongly condemn the Human Rights Council for allowing a crime suspect to sit as the representative of Iranian people and deliver a speech on Human Rights.We urge all the Human rights advocates to raise their voice against this humiliation that has been imposed on us. The Governments may consider their economic benefits they enjoy by having ties with Islamic Republic of Iran, but people of the world must get involved to protect themselves against the criminals such as Saeed Mortazavi who are trying to pose themselves as our representatives.Please join us in the straggle to bring Saeed Mortazavi in front of the international criminal court in charges of crime against humanity instead of the allowing him to sit in the Human Rights Council meetings.