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To: Mr. Kofi Annan, the Secretary General of the United Nations

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Friday, July 07, 2006)

Mr. Kofi Annan
Secretary General
United Nations
New York, New York
United States

Dear Mr. Kofi Annan, the Secretary General of the United Nations,

We, the undersigned, who are fighting for achieving democracy in our country, would like to have your attention for the following serious matter:

Recently, you accepted Mr. Saeed Mortazavi (a government prosecutor widely known to have sanctioned the torture and the execution of political prisoners)as a part of Iranian delegation to the UN's new Human Rights Council.

Saeed Mortazavi is responsible for the custody and interrogation of many prominent Iranian political prisoners.Among them the canadian photojournalist Zahra Kazemi of Montreal, who died while in prison in Iran, of wounds suffered at the hands of her jailers.

At first, the news about the creation of United Nations' new Human Rights Council offered us a new hope. That finally you are doing something to help those Iranians who are seeing their basic human rights shattered to pieces everyday by the despotic regime of Ayatollahs in Iran. That finally you will support Iranian people in their fight for having freedom in their country.

But unfortunately, our hope for a change was destroyed by the fact that you accepted a torturer and a grand human rights abuser as a part of Iranian delegation for the opening ceremony of UN's new Human Right Council.

Dear Mr. Secretary!

This is a totally shameful incident that has to be addressed by you appropriately otherwise the credibility of the new Human Rights Council will be in a serious doubt.

Please give us an explanation on how something like this can happen and how a number one enemy of human rights in Iran can be accepted as a part of UN's new Human Right Council meetings.

We the undersigned, urge you to give us an official and acceptable explanation. Until such a time comes,we will not stop our activities and will remember this bitter incident as lively as possible.

Shiva Moghadam - Kourosh Golnam - Kiomars Navidi - Kambiz Rousta - Javad Asadian - Ferydoun Farsi - Kianoosh Tavakoli - Arash Mahdavi - Sara Safiri - Hadi Yusefi -M. Moghadam -Manouchehr Shojaie -H. Zarifi Nia -Iman Froutan -M. Mir Akhori -Bijan Mehr - Touraj Parsi- Shahram Nasseri - Dariush Madjlessi- Farzad Mahmoodi - M. Barati - Shahram Iran pour - Houshmand - Mahnaz Darab Zadeh - Mehrab Farsad,- A.Zaghiyan.- Mehrdad Big Delian, -Parviz Harati Nezhad,- Rouya Teimouri - Hassan Massali - Nasser Mosteshar - Arsam Azad- Ibrahim Ahanian - Bijan Moshaver - Farahnaz- Kia Javid - Masoud Loghman - Mehrdad Lavaie - Carla Verhof - Ramin Molai - Nahid Vessal -Ahmad Taghavi - Pourya Taghavai -Amin Talebi - S. Kafaie - Sassan Razavian - Nadereh Teimourieh - Hessam Vossoghi - Mohammad Shams - Saghar Beh Nia,- Javad Mofrad - Nasser Karami -Damon Golriz -Nasser Aghajani- Habib Tabrizaian- Majid Zahiri &


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