Sonntag, Juli 23, 2006


Office of the Spokesman
for the Secretary-General
United Nations,

New York, NY10017
Tel. 212-963-7162
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Mr. Kofi Annan
Secretary General
United Nations
New York, New York
United States

Dear Mr. Kofi Annan, the Secretary General of the United Nations,

We, the undersigned, who are fighting for achieving democracy in our country, would like to have your attention for the following serious matter:

Recently, you accepted Mr. Saeed Mortazavi (a government prosecutor widely known to have sanctioned the torture and the execution of political prisoners)as a part of Iranian delegation to the UN's new Human Rights Council.

Saeed Mortazavi is responsible for the custody and interrogation of many prominent Iranian political prisoners.Among them the canadian photojournalist Zahra Kazemi of Montreal, who died while in prison in Iran, of wounds suffered at the hands of her jailers.

At first, the news about the creation of United Nations' new Human Rights Council offered us a new hope. That finally you are doing something to help those Iranians who are seeing their basic human rights shattered to pieces everyday by the despotic regime of Ayatollahs in Iran. That finally you will support Iranian people in their fight for having freedom in their country.

But unfortunately, our hope for a change was destroyed by the fact that you accepted a torturer and a grand human rights abuser as a part of Iranian delegation for the opening ceremony of UN's new Human Right Council.

Dear Mr. Secretary!

This is a totally shameful incident that has to be addressed by you appropriately otherwise the credibility of the new Human Rights Council will be in a serious doubt.

Please give us an explanation on how something like this can happen and how a number one enemy of human rights in Iran can be accepted as a part of UN's new Human Right Council meetings.

We the undersigned, urge you to give us an official and acceptable explanation. Until such a time comes,we will not stop our activities and will remember this bitter incident as lively as possible.

Shiva Moghadam - Kourosh Golnam - Kiomars Navidi - Kambiz Rousta - Javad Asadian - Ferydoun Farsi - Kianoosh Tavakoli - Arash Mahdavi - Sara Safiri - Hadi Yusefi -M. Moghadam -Manouchehr Shojaie -H. Zarifi Nia -Iman Froutan -M. Mir Akhori -Bijan Mehr - Touraj Parsi- Shahram Nasseri - Dariush Madjlessi- Farzad Mahmoodi - M. Barati - Shahram Iran pour - Houshmand - Mahnaz Darab Zadeh - Mehrab Farsad,- A.Zaghiyan.- Mehrdad Big Delian, -Parviz Harati Nezhad,- Rouya Teimouri - Hassan Massali - Nasser Mosteshar - Arsam Azad- Ibrahim Ahanian - Bijan Moshaver - Farahnaz- Kia Javid - Masoud Loghman - Mehrdad Lavaie - Carla Verhof - Ramin Molai - Nahid Vessal -Ahmad Taghavi - Pourya Taghavai -Amin Talebi - S. Kafaie - Sassan Razavian - Nadereh Teimourieh - Hessam Vossoghi - Mohammad Shams - Saghar Beh Nia,- Javad Mofrad - Nasser Karami -Damon Golriz -Nasser Aghajani- Habib Tabrizaian- Majid Zahiri &


The Undersigned

Number Name Email Comments
1 Nima Nasserabadi
2 Dr. Reza Ghaffari I support this petition
3 Dr: Ray Ommani Can you dinay the darknes of the nighth,? Or Mortazavis Inosens !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
4 alef accept
5 Amir Irani Mr. Annan, Mullahs like other dicatators will go, Do not send your reputation with them. You know they are criminals , help Iranian People to live their life without Mullahs.
6 wahid shabani ?
7 Amir Sepehr Mihan Party
8 Arman Nadjm
9 Mazdak urge you to give us an official and acceptable explanation
10 mona. M. urge you to give us an official and acceptable explanation
11 jamal hosseini the Secretary General of the United Nations
12 Javad Asadian
13 bardianews
14 Potkin Azarmehr Shame on UN
15 Sigfried Gierich
18 Fatemeh Mohammadi ?
19 M.B.M. This sort of invitation represents that UN is involved in crime in iran by recognizing such criminals and pretending that they are agianst human rights abuses
25 کمال لاریزاده
26 goshayeshi
27 حجت الاسلامي AzarPressNews@Yahoo.Com WwW.AzarPressNews.Com , Iran Will Be Free .
28 Mr.Kofi Annan, You have power and are saying you are defending human rights, I want to ask you why you have closed your eyes on the cruelty that is happening to the people in Iran . I dont know why you are giving Iran's government the chance to do all the stuff they are doing. I want to ask you not to give Iran's government the chance to destroy human rights in Iran. I think you have heard about the problems the Azari people are having at the moment, What have you done for Azeri people to defend them, The people who are under pressure in Iran?
29 Mohammadi -
30 Akbar Zargar Canada
31 ROYA TEIMOURI/ political & human rights activist U.S.A
32 Bijan Karimi
33 shahram shaad
34 Ali Parsi I agree with this Petition to Mr. Kofi Annan
35 shadanlou ?
36 Kak Hiwa Please listen to the objections against the crimes of I.R.Iran's regime and take a serious action.
37 mohsen khatami a murdered cannot defend human right
38 M.R Eskandari Nederland
39 T.Khorrami Nederland
40 sima ?
41 ѓ桠㣞Ǥی ?
42 payam eslamiyeh Be omid Azadi Iran
43 Farzad Jasemi Navisandeh Germany
44 Ali Etemadi
45 Hossein Mirsafian
46 ?
47 taghi ghanimat be nazaram dabire koll sazeman melal ( kofi annan ) ra monasebe ozaye feli bohrani jahan namibinam. dar ozaye fali ehtiaj be yak farde ba liaghat va ba derayete lazem ast. be ommid dadgahi az noe noremberg braye ghatelin jomhurye eslami. piruz bashid.
48 hejazi seyeid what r u preper 2 do 4 freedom?what???
49 Sam Sanati This is another big shame for UN and Mr. Kofi Annan.
50 babak
51 Hamid Sepehri ?
52 qwerty
53 Manijeh
54 shahrokh Vaziri
55 Hojat Babaie He should have been prosecuted in Geneva.
56 Navid ?
57 Manijeh Habashi As a lawyer, I would declare that accepting Iranian government?s ?justice? symbol by UNO is a shame.
58 jahangir arshid
59 Cyrus Alvandian Mr. Annan sample showing us, that in order to be a "good' UN leader, you have to close your eyes to very clear abuse of human rights?, have anyone heard that Mr. Annan said even a word about crimes of islamic republic?
60 feraydoon farahy
61 Aarash kamali
62 Rahmat Ebrahimi ما خواستار رسیدگی اساسی به موارد نقض حقوق بشر در ایران هستیم
63 علي سالاري Strong message by the Hon. UN Secretary if do not prevent the Mullahs committing such brutal actions, it will give them this clear message that the world stands united for justice.
64 Ardeshir Goudarzi ?
65 ali chanati I want human right
66 mahmud freedom is our right
67 Kambiz Gilani ?
68 Bahram Sahraei
69 Dr. Siavash Abghari ?
70 Ali Ohadi
71 majid safa ?
72 Saeed Behbahani
73 Habib ما خواستار رسیدگی اساسی به موارد نقض حقوق بشر در ایران هستیم
74 Jalil Nikmanesh vaghean ke in ha ruye har chi jenayatkar ra sefid kardan!!!
75 amir abbas amiri ?
76 Khosro Chavoshi Political activist
77 Dr Manouchehr Shojai Dawate ghazi mortazawi nangi bod baraie sazman melal w jameeie bashari
78 shokooh mirzadegi
79 saeed sanandaji
80 ر آوا
81 Ali ?
82 Himan Mahmoudi condemnated this action
83 Pezhman P?mahkumiyate hozure MORTAZAWI dar shoraye HUMAN RIGHTS
84 abbas khorsandi
85 A. Nazarian ?
86 mana raouf
87 χѦ#1740;攠Ǎ㏦#1740; ?
88 Dariush Ahmadi ?
89 mohammad ashrafi
90 aram
91 Mohammad T. Moslehi bring Mortazavi to court at any cost
92 arian
93 Mehdi Bahadori ?
94 mahdavi mehran etudiant
95 omid
96 Ardeshir Dolat keep Untied Nation clean: keep terrorist Saeed Mortazavi out
97 alireza mohseni
98 Babak Chalousi ?
99 ՈѦ#1740; ȥ㤦#1740; political
100 摦#1740;Ǡ㍣Ϧ#1740; political
101 sabri_bahmany political
102 verya_mohammadi political
103 korosh-6 ?
104 Ardavan Bahrami My disappointment with the UN is beyond the capability of any language to describe it.
105 Faramarz B.
106 abbas kkhorsandi
107 mitra irani eteraz be naghze hormateh azadi
108 Shahla Abghari ?
109 Sasan Ghahreman Writer-Publisher
110 Behdad Kazemi ?
111 Omidreza Mirsayafi
112 Mehran Makki ?
113 reza soleimani
114 mahfam thank you
115 sara safiri sweden
116 Fareed Amini m
117 MArjan Ansari
118 Hamid Sabzikari Freedom of Iranian political prisoners is the most modest compensation for the their humiliation and illegal interrogation by Iranian government.
119 Azade
120 baloch
121 Isha Saeed Mortazavi is a Terrorist
122 morteza mirakhori
123 Ahmad
124 Nader Kheradmandi ?
125 Daryani Hossein Berlin
126 mina najmabadi
127 Ramin I am feel sorry for the Secretary General of the United Nations,where nothing is logical
128 maryam afshari azadi va hogheh bashar baraye iran
129 hashem Mortazavi has to face criminal court not united nations human rights assembly.
130 Abdoljalil Mobsheri ?
131 Dr. Zari Erfani it is a catastrophe if saiid Mortazavi a torturer and murder sit in the human rights council.
132 fariba ?
133 mostafa sanatnama political activist
134 saeed sanandaji I have read the petition to Mr.Kofi Annan, the Secretary of the United Nations, and I hereby sign the petition
135 tahere shey
136 sanaz
137 A. Masum
138 S. A. Mazaheri Open wide the jail doors to all political prisoners
139 Arash Niknam Art Director / Political Activist
140 Homer Abramian
141 Morad Moallem
142 ?Ǥ椠㚡㇤ ǭч䠠KanoonMoallemanIran.Blogspot.Com
143 Ali Rahimi ?
144 Mehrban Irani incredible what in UN happend
145 Sasan Harun-Mahdavi Sazemane Javanane Jebhe Melli Iran
146 ariuo sarraji اعتراض به دبیر کل سازمان ملل
147 Nikki Irani
148 Irene Mohammadi
149 Mehdi Khoshoi
150 Elly Irani simply shameful...
151 Dr. A Ahmadi ?
152 Morteza Anvari ?
153 Mina Sajadi ?
154 alireza Blessed be the gurdians of human rights
155 Dariush Ahmadi ?
156 nasser rahmaninejad no comment
157 Mina Siegel
158 Evan Siegel
159 BITA
160 BITA
161 Majeed Omid
162 arars_arskan ?
163 naraaftabi
164 kaveh shirzad
165 Davood Abrahimi
166 Our South Azerbaijan 1
167 Our South Azerbaijan Website
168 hamidreza zarifinia viva democracy
169 papak
170 siavash
171 Ahmad
172 Hamid Bahrami ?
173 Ladan Boroumand Historian and human rights activist
174 amir motalebi
175 anoushirvan dadgostar پاينده باد ايران
176 siamak mosalmani
178 abbas alavi ?
179 mohsen pavandi
180 Hamid Aminirad down with the clerical fascist regime of the mullahs in Iran
181 Ronak Down with Islamic Rejim
182 Arash nangat baad akhoond e kasif
183 majedeh schanufi ?