Donnerstag, April 20, 2006

Another political prisoner in danger of execution!

The Islamic Regime in Iran continues its criminal policy of executing political prisoners as usual. In a few weeks, it is going to execute 28-year-old Vali Feiz Mahdavi notwithstanding international human rights organisations. According to the printed news, the Islamic Regime has condemned Mr. Vali Feiz Mahdavi to death and is going to carry it out on the sixth of May.

The Islamic Republic had recently executed 31-year-old Hojat Zamani. These criminal deeds are done under the circumstances that political prisoners are suffering from acute liver diseases, undergo unbearable hardships and some are even in danger of being blind.

Dear compatriots! Freedom loving compatriots!

Every day which passes the danger of the execution of Mr. Vali Feiz Mahdavi will be greater. Let us protest against these anti-human deeds of the Islamic Repulic of Iran by all means. Committee of Defending Freedom and Democracy in Iran-Vienna expresses its disgust against this judgement and asks all international human rights organisation to send an investigation board to investigate the situation of the political prisoners and to prevent Mr Mahdavi`s execution.