Montag, Oktober 08, 2007

Defend Mr. Bollinger, the President of Columbia University,

Mission for Establishment of Human Rights in Iran




Mr. Bollinger,

the President of Columbia University,

Mr. Lee C. Bollinger, the President of Columbia University, who told Ahmadinejad: "Mr. President, you exhibit all the signs of a petty and cruel dictator," and exposed the human rights violations of the Islamic Regime in Iran (IRI), has become under a vicious and orchestrated attack.

All lobby groups and individuals who work for the unconditional relations between the US (meaning Halliburton, GE, etc) and IRI, along some so called “progressives” who regard and defend Ahamdinejad as an “anti Imperialist”, have united their forces and are using all their resources to ridicule and discredit Mr. Bollinger. They are afraid that this may set a tone and start a trend to loosen their influence on American academia.

These reactionaries who are apologists for a dictatorship without any concern for human rights violations in Iran must be encountered by the Iranians who seek a secular democracy.

We are not judging Mr. Bollinger’s positions on all issues but he was right in what he did and said on the occasion of Ahamdinejad’s visit. Please sign this petition to defend him who had the courage to ignore the pressure of IRI’s apologists and tell the truth.


Defend Mr. Bollinger, the President of Columbia University, Against IRI's Lobby groups and Individuals


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Dear Mr. Bollinger:

I commend your courageous act of exposing the human rights violation of the Islamic Regime in Iran (IRI). You showed that you are a man of principle and I hope this will give an awakening message to some academics and academia that have become greatly influenced by the IRI’s lobby groups and individuals.

Your remarks have apparently annoyed the lobby groups and individuals but I can assure you that you have found many admirers and friends among the freedom loving Iranians.

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