Montag, Januar 19, 2009

Sign the Petition: Stop destruction of political mass garves in Iran

Stop destruction of political mass garves in Iran

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To: UN High Commissioner of Human Rights

Ms. Navanethem Pillay
UN High Commisssioner of Human Rights

Your Excellency,

The Islamic regime of Iran has reportedly destructed a number of mass graves in Khavaran Cemetery in past several days. As you may know, in 1980s, the Islamic regime of Iran executed thousands of political prisoners. There are no numbers of the exact amount victims, as a result of harsh censorship and a harsh political climate in Iran. But to this day there are around 20000 known names of victims by families and organizations.

The massacre of political prisoner in the summer of 1988 was climax of at massive elimination process. Today, many families do not know where their loved ones are buried. A number of the graves have been discovered by the families across the country. The most well-known graves are found in Khavaran cemetery in southwest suburbs of the capital of Iran, Tehran. Khavaran has all these years become a place for thousands of families to commemorate their loved ones.

All these years, the Iranian regime has tried to destroy the khavaran, the most important evidence of its most horrifying crime in the Iranian history by destructing the mass graves and transfer the Khavaran into a park. They have digged a number of the graves and possibly moved the remainder of the bodies to unknown place or destroyed them. They have changed the soil and planted a huge number of trees on the top of the graves.

By this petition, will we urge your Excellency, to take what ever action needs, to prevent the destruction of more graves. A prompt action is needed and much appreciated.



The Undersigned

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